How long do asian elephants live


How long do asian elephants live
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Published on 22-7-2018
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In general, the asian elephant is smaller than the african bush elephant and has the highest body point on the head. The feet have more nail-like structures than those of african elephantsfive on each forefoot, and four on each hind foot. The forehead has two hemispherical bulges, unlike the flat front of the african elephant. It is interesting that in the wild, individuals die not from age and disease, but simply from hunger. This situation is due to the fact that for the whole life of their teeth they change only four times. Asian elephants are the continents largest terrestrial mammals. 4m in length and 3m at the shoulder, and weigh as much as 5 tonnes. They are smaller than african elephants and have proportionally smaller ears, which they keep in constant motion in order to cool themselves. How long do elephants live in captivity? The elephant species play a role in determining how long elephants live. Generally speaking, asian elephants live shorter lives because most of them are used as working animals. Some statistics show that asian elephants in myanmar where they are used in different industries live around 40-41 years. According to the most recent researches, both african and american elephants can live up to 60 or even 70 years. It was found out that asian elephants generally live longer than african ones.   how long do elephants live-elephants are herbivorous and can be found in different habitats around several regions including savannahs, forests, deserts, and marshes? Elephants are known to live for over an overage of 60 years of age in their natural habitats, but the numbers have significantly dropped in the last few decades. Science reports that despite the ages we know elephants are able to live to in the wild, african elephants now actually have an expected lifespan of around 56 years while asian elephants live around 41. Most illegal ivory today comes from african elephants, with some 30,000 poached each year. Asian elephants, nonetheless, do still face the threat of poaching for the ivory trade. The question how long do elephants live? Is not one that is commonly discussed outside of biology circles. However, a brief look at the differences between how these creatures survive in the wild and in captivity reveals how long their average lifespan may be. The african bush elephant can be found in habitats as diverse as dry savannahs, deserts, marshes, and lake shores, and in elevations from sea level to mountain areas above the snow line. Forest elephants mainly live in equatorial forests but will enter gallery forests and ecotones between forests and savannahs. Asian elephants prefer areas with a mix of grasses, low woody plants, and trees, primarily inhabiting dry thorn-scrub forests in southern india and sri lanka and evergreen forests in malaya.

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